Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting Radical for New Evangelization

I used to take today's Gospel reading for granted as just another story about Jesus' power to heal the sick until I heard a reflection online or on Catholic radio. The priest who was speaking pointed out that it was the faith and craziness of the paralytic's friends that moved Christ to heal the man.

Here's my take on it. The paralytic man had four close friends who had been following Jesus. They knew in their hearts (and perhaps their minds) that He was the Messiah, that he could fix their friend. They cared so much for their friend that they ripped off the roof of the dwelling so they lowered him down and in front of Jesus. I want you to really picture that – four guys climbing a ladder with a make shift stretcher and then tearing up the top of the house to get their friend in to see Jesus. That is indeed radical evangelization.

What are we doing to bring our friends and family to one that can not only heal the body, but the soul?

How can you get radical in bringing your friends and family to Christ?