Friday, March 15, 2013

Where Were You When You Heard the News?

Where were you when you heard the news that we had a new pope?

I was sitting at my computer and had just finished working on a new blog post. I was putting on my shoes to go get lunch when I received a text from my brother +Matt Gonzalez. His text actually beat the texts from the PopeApp and PopeAlarm by a few seconds. I immediately went online to CatholicTV and began watching the streaming video. My WiFi wasn't cooperating and kept causing the video to buffer.  I decided to move my laptop and books  to the bedroom to watch EWTN's coverage on the TV. I was supposed to be studying for my IPT classes, but instead I stayed glued to the TV until the announcement was made. I cannot describe the level of anxious excitement I felt as I waited. Then after over an hour of waiting, I heard the words, Habemus Papam! I was only able to make out the name Jorge and then Francis. Was it Cardinal O'Malley, I thought for a moment? No, that couldn't be because his name isn't George. As I pondered this, EWTN's commentators finally piped in and said that our new Holy Father was former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina.

Here's a moving and well-produced video from CatholicVote.  As you reflect back on that moment, please share your story on how you heard the news and where you were when you heard the news. Please write these in the Comments or on Google+.