Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cooperators of Opus Dei

From Opus Dei
St. Josemaria
You've probably noticed that I quote the writings of St. Josemaria quite often. This should have been a hint that I have some how been introduced to Opus Dei. For more on my encounter with St. Josemaria, I recommend reading my post entitled, My Life with the Saints. I hope to write a more detailed account on the feast day of St. Josemaria, June 26th.

Cooperators of Opus Dei
Despite those who say that Opus Dei is a secret society, the personal prelature has been very transparent in its use of social media. The main Opus Dei website already offers a great deal of resources about the role of the laity and answering the universal call to holiness. Recently, they added a new section devoted to Cooperators of Opus Dei. These are people, like me, who are not members of Opus Dei, but who participate in their formation activities (Evenings of Recollections, spiritual direction and retreats). We "cooperate" in the sense that we pray daily for the members of Opus Dei and we sometimes assist in various projects. For example, I have helped with a college prep program for high school boys. The new page contains a link to a new brochure explaining in greater detail who cooperators are and what they do. You can download the new brochure HERE.

What is Opus Dei?