Saturday, June 22, 2013

St. Thomas More:
Patron of Lawyers and Politicians

Sir Thomas More by Hans Holbein the Younger
Feast Day
Today we celebrate the feast of St. Thomas More, patron of lawyers and politicians. You might be familiar with his story from the well known movie A Man for All Seasons, available for free viewing to Prime members on Amazon. The future saint would not compromise his moral and religious beliefs for political favor with King Henry VIII and it cost him his life.  This nation needs more lawyers and politicians like St. Thomas More who once said, "What does it avail to know that there is a God, which you not only believe by Faith, but also know by reason: what does it avail that you know Him if you think little of Him?"

Catholics in Politics
We currently have six (6) "Catholics" that sit on the Supreme Court – a clear majority – but not all allow their Catholicity to be the framework or moral compass in which to make decision. The Vice President and Speaker of the House are Catholic. Countless other elected officials across the land are Catholic, yet many continue to hide behind the secularist mantra of "I personally believe X, but I don't think I should impose my views on others." Still others, openly defy the Church's teachings on such important issues like the sanctity of life, the sacramentality of marriage and the protection of religious freedom.

Fortnight for Freedom
As we enter the fourth day of the Fortnight for Freedom, let's consider what we can do to help educate everyday, ordinary Catholics about what it is we believe. Why we believe it. And why it is our responsibility to vote according to our well formed consciences. In addition to taking action, we need to pray. We can start by asking St. Thomas More to intercede on our behalf that our politicians may be guided by the Holy Spirt to have a conversion of heart and mind.